The cheapest smartphone plan can be found through a number of local providers, such as Boost, Cricket, Verizon and Alltel. Here we talk a look at the different providers that offer cheap smartphone plans as we’ll also take a look at the options for plans that feature unlimited texting, data and voice minutes.

How These Plans Work

Cheapest smartphone plans are a great way to save money on SMS and data. Ptel currently offers an unlimited plan that features unlimited data, voice and messaging. This forty dollar plans also includes 250MB of high speed data. Their fifty dollar plan includes 2 GB of high speed data. Talking minutes will cost you around five cents a minute, with texts costing two cents each.

T mobile offers five different monthly cheap smartphone plans, all of which feature unlimited data, messaging and voice. The difference in the pricing for these plans are due to the full speed of 4G or 3G data.  Their thirty dollar plan provides one hundred voice minutes, unlimited data and messaging and 5GB.

Talk for good offers one of the best deals when it comes to prepaid plans. Their top plan includes 10 MB of data, with an overage charge of six cents.  verizon wireless

Go smart is owned by T mobile and offers monthly plans that feature unlimited text, talk and high speed internet for a price of forty-five dollars a month. Their thirty-five dollar unlimited text, web and talk plan will include unlimited 2G data and features free roaming.

Virgin offers three packages that include unlimited messaging and data. The package prices vary due to the amount of talk minutes. Three hundred minutes will cost thirty-five dollars a month, with twelve hundred minutes available for a price of forty-five and unlimited minutes for fifty-five a month.

Who has the Cheapest Plans?

Boost mobile features unlimited pay as you go plans that include SMS and data. The cost for this unlimited plan is fifty dollars for basic phones and sixty dollars a month for smartphones.

Eco mobile has a large range of pay as you go plans, with rates that start at five cents a minute for voice and two cents per text. Their fifty dollar monthly plan includes unlimited messaging, voice and data.

Ting does things a little differently and features a hybrid of a monthly plan and pay as you go options. Ting charges six dollars a month, in addition to the cost of data, voice minutes and messaging. There are five levels for each type of usage. Plans that focus on a large amount of minutes have a cost of three dollars per one hundred minutes, and plans for unlimited data featuring a cost of three dollars for 100 MB. For texting plans, Ting charges forty-two dollars for one thousand messages a month.

Each carrier will have different restrictions when it comes to the type of smartphones that are compatible with their services. As an example, some providers might only accept Blackberrys or Androids, while other providers will work solely with iphones.


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